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WKNDRS x Pabst Blue Ribbon

Client: Pabst Blue Ribbon
Location: Canada
Scope: Creative Direction, Concept and Color Design, Label Design

Embark on a wild and vibrant journey with WKNDRS x Pabst Blue Ribbon as we proudly unveil our exclusive 'Party Animal' can collaboration.

Inspired by the untamed spirit of the jungle, our limited-edition design bursts with the energetic essence of PBR. The iconic tiger, adorned in the bold hues of Pabst Blue Ribbon, roars to life against a lush, trippy backdrop, creating a can that's not just a beverage container but a canvas of celebration. 
We also teamed up with Landyachtz to bring you an exclusive skateboard deck featuring the same 'Party Animal' artwork. 

This collaboration is more than a fusion of art, boards and beer; it's a testament to the adventurous souls who live by PBR's rebellious spirit. The 'Party Animal' can encapsulates the lively, free-spirited vibe that defines both WKNDRS and Pabst Blue Ribbon. 


Creative Direction:

Rachel Rivera and Claire Ouchi

Director: Mariusz Brozek

Director Of Photography: Byron Kopman

First Assistant Camera: Kelvin Wong

Prelight: Andrew Shirley

Colorist: Dave Tomiak

Production: Bubblegum Films

Editor: Mariusz Brozek

Geat Supplied by Alterna Films

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