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Murals + Installations

As the WKNDRS, we redefine spaces with unparalleled creativity. We specialize in curating multi-scale, custom murals and transforming visual landscapes across residential and commercial realms, energizing businesses, events, corporate havens, retailers, and entire neighborhoods.

Our artistic range is limitless – from hand-painted immersive environments, striking 3D installations, and free-standing backdrops to custom fine art, vibrant painted signage, and high-resolution, large-scale printed applications.

At the heart of our approach is collaboration. As WKNDRS, we globe-trot with a mission: to seamlessly blend placemaking expertise with an ability to create any aesthetic imaginable. From concept inception to meticulous execution and seamless installation, we're your partners in crafting spaces that transcend expectations. Elevate your environment, embrace limitless aesthetics, and let's paint the canvas of your imagination together. Get in touch!


Transform your business space with captivating murals that make a bold statement and align with your brand's identity.


Immerse yourself in an art experience that goes beyond the flat surface. Our 3D installations bring depth, perspective, and a whole new dimension to your space.


Residential Murals

Personalize your living space with our residential murals, turning walls into expressions of your unique style and personality.


Infuse the spirit of the season into your space with our holiday murals. Whether it's captivating 3D displays or immersive scenes, we create installations that spread cheer and enchantment.

Elevate your festive decor with our holiday installations.


Transform your paths into vibrant canvases with our ground murals. Elevate outdoor spaces with art that extends beyond walls, creating a unique visual experience underfoot.


Take your events to the next level with our custom-built, movable and painted photobooths. Designed to be not just a backdrop but an interactive experience, creating memories in a space as unique as your brand. Break free from traditional constraints with our freestanding murals. 

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