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Uptown Mall - Summer

Client: Uptown Mall
Location: Victoria, British Columbia
Scope: Creative Direction, Concept and Color Design, Ground Mural

Immerse yourself in a vibrant summer oasis at Uptown Mall with our largest mural we painted. Covering 160 sq ft of ground space, this expansive artwork transforms the mall into a lively canvas.

Inspired by the essence of summer, our mural extends beyond walls, painting seating, boxes, and games within its immersive design. Wander through a symphony of colors and playful elements that evoke the spirit of the season. This mural is more than art; it's an experience. Explore, engage, and be captivated.


Creative Direction:

Rachel Rivera and Claire Ouchi

Director: Mariusz Brozek

Director Of Photography: Byron Kopman

First Assistant Camera: Kelvin Wong

Prelight: Andrew Shirley

Colorist: Dave Tomiak

Production: Bubblegum Films

Editor: Mariusz Brozek

Geat Supplied by Alterna Films

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